March 2005, Volume 25, No. 1

XII Manitoba Dragoons
Ubique Honor et Equis - Everywhere Honour and Equality

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60 years ago, on April 11th 1945, it was a great day for our home-town Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Holland. In the morning, soldiers of the XII Manitoba Dragoons and the 1st Belgian SAS Parachute Regiment reached Hoogeveen and spoke the words we were all waiting for: 


The XII Manitoba Dragoons came from the north and cleared the westside of the city, the 1st Belgian SAS Parachute Regiment came from the east, and cleared the eastside of Hoogeveen. The day before the Belgians cleared the villages east of Hoogeveen-town, all part of Hoogeveen-county. Some hours later other regiments reached Hoogeveen and together they will have their place in the history-books. We are very thankful that our liberators came, and that we had so much years in peace after the war.

On April 11th 2005 it will be a great day for our city. Four organisations are looking forward to meet you that day in Hoogeveen:

Historische Kring Hoogeveen
Museum de 5000 Morgen
Informatiecentrum Geschiedenis
Hollandscheveld e.o.
Keep Them Rolling
The first three of these organisations are all studying the history of our hometown and the area around it. The fourth is a group of friends, that keeps vehicles of WW2 rolling and riding. There will be a convoy of 30 WW2 vehicles of all types that day in Hoogeveen. They will ride through the whole city and the surrounding villages, to bring back alive the feeling and happiness of the liberation. For this tour we also invited the veterans of the Belgian troops and other Canadian troops that came to Hoogeveen on April 11, 1945.
If you are coming to Holland this year, please contact us. Come to Hoogeveen on April 11, 2005 and we will give you a great day with many memories of the best kind. You will be welcomed by the Mayor and Aldermen and several members of the town-council. Please remember us in 2005, like we will remember you this year……
Yours faithfully, on behalf of the four organisations,

Albert Metselaar
Van Leeuwenhoekstraat 44
7908 BL Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Holland

Offer From City of Hoogeveen
Great news from the city of Hoogeveen. The mayor of Hoogeveen will help the veterans who like to come to Hoogeveen, on April 11 2005.
The first five veterans of a military unit that liberated Hoogeveen, who will tell us that they will come to Hoogeveen on April 11 2005, will receive 400 euros each from the mayor of Hoogeveen.
Send your name and address to Albert Metselaar,  tell us in this letter that you are a veteran of one of the mentioned units, give us the name of the unit, and and you will receive an official letter to confirm this offer.

60 Years Ago
Poem by T. Grobben
No Present without past
Hunger, cold and frightening times
So our minds are still yet fresh
There came the boys in battle dress
In heavy tanks and heavy trucks
In brencarriers and ducks
With much love in our eyes
A memory that never dies
And tears from old and young
That bonded us for very long
Food from heaven in highest need
With white bread and corn beef
May 5 – 1945 a day we never forget
A day in our lives we set
60 Years later and memories are fading
Soldiers then – Veterans now
Lest we forget is our vow


XII Manitoba Dragoons donated $1,000 to Children’s Hospital in 2004.
A bequest was sent to the XII Manitoba Dragoons from the late Major Ronald Mason. He passed away in August of 2004 and remembered the Association in his will. Thank you to Guy Mason, his son, for carrying out his father’s wishes. We also extend our sincere sympathy to the Mason family.
Thank you
Many thanks to Mr. Herman Stegeman for sending three VHS tapes called “Welcome Again Veterans – 2000” The hospitality shown by the Dutch people to the Canadian Veterans was wonderful.

LAST POST......................
"At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them"
We Remember your Walk
We Remember your Smile
We Remember your laughter
That was sure to beguile
Your presence we Miss
For you we have wept
We think of you often
Lest We Forget!
B4657 Cpl. George A. Monagle
Lt. George M. Campbell
Lorne Harvard
Major Ronald Mason
H77903 Steve Sennie
Major Kenneth P. Farmer 
M104271 Sgmn William Cross
For the Fallen
They shall grow not old
As we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning 
We will remember them
Laurence Binyon

Thank you for the efforts you and those keeping the center of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons Memories going. Its something I treasure despite the fellows who are gone each issue of the Staghound. I’ll miss not being able to talk to Howard “Zeke” Zaiser about Dave Berman. 
At 85 I’m somewhat disabled in my mobility, but no pain and a good appetite and I’m still driving. And at the end of this year I stop working as a writer, need to stop before I make some bad goofs of memory. My best to the Dragoons and their kin. 
Sincerely D. Fisher

I read with interest the comment by Wesley Moore on the lack of input from “B” Squadron and the fact that Boyd Knowles had passed away. The lack of input is only due to the fact that there are only a few of us from the Squadron left. Take 7 Troop for example, out of the 14 of us who landed in France on July 8, 1944, to my calculations, only five of us are left, and that could be less if all deaths have been reported. The ones that I think are still with us are, Sgt. Ed Finch, Trooper Lutz (who stayed in Europe) , Cpl. Ken Corrigan, Trooper Jimmy Doole and myself Trooper Russ Kennedy. If anyone has further news of any of the above, please let me know. If I have missed anyone, again please let me know. It would be interesting to know the facts.
Regarding the 60 Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland in May 2005, I will be travelling to Vriesenveen for the festivities and hope to meet those of the Regiment who will be doing the same. It would be nice if those of you who are going over at that time would get in touch with me at
Perhaps we can meet up and go over old times.
Russ Kennedy

I really enjoy receiving the Staghound, but am saddened by the passing of so many. With the passing of time I suppose we cannot expect anything else. Thank you for being such a dedicated worker for the association.
Jack Houston

I enjoy reading the Staghound, especially the memories of George Hoffman. In the last issue he is writing about his stay in my hometown. He mentions the hospital. That would be the Catholic hospital, it was fairly new, built in the thirties and on the outskirts of the city near the airport.
My husband was in the signal corps so those are he fellows he knew. Just went through the regimental book and noticed how many of them are now not with us anymore.
Keep up the good work.
Nicki Soiseth
I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for a XII Manitoba Dragoons Regimental Cap Badge. I have looked through my war-time memorabilia. I have a shoulder flashes etc, but no cap badge. If one were to become available, I need it by April. You may be able to give me some leads. Any help would be much appreciated.
I do miss my regular communication with the Keeles!
All the best,
Bayard Goodday
(1 Prince St. Suite 603, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4L3)
This is, I believe, my first letter to the editor.
First of all I sure miss Herb Nicolson, who used to keep me up to date on everything pertaining to the Manitoba Dragoons. I joined the regiment in September 1941, and was shipped to Shilo right under the guidance of Sgt Cumbers (sp?) 'awkward squad' as he called us. Jack Halliday, Ernie Tester (sp?), Herman Geres, John Flemming and others. I stayed in B squadron through Camp – then off to England and various places. After arriving in France July 19 I became Major Bill Frend’s gunner  - then was promoted to L/Cpl. In 7th Troop where I remained the rest of the war.
Ken Corrigan
(Editor note: sorry sometimes it’s hard to make out names, please excuse any errors)
Hello to all.
I had never seen the pictures of the Staghound that was blown up near Esterwegan but I did witness the actual event. You might like to know that it was 19th Troop that was involved and I was their troop leader at that time. At the time I had been over that piece of road several times with my armourd car and full crew and was being replaced for the noon hour by Sgt. Balfour's crew. What a horrible mess.
My continued thanks to you all for a most appreciated Staghound. The last post seems to get bigger and bigger but that’s a sign that we are all getting older, no doubt
J. Fleming
Like Harold Sweetland, I would too like to see a picture of the memorial plaque at the Children’s hospital in hopes that I can see and read my husband’s (Percy Jones) name on it. At my age, I likely will not make it to Winnipeg to see or read the names on the plaque.
I have Percy’s army pictures, pay book and other books about the army of his that will go to his only son along with all the Staghound newsletters I have kept etc. plus a picture of the old rifles I donated from Percy in the Brandon Museum.
Thank you again,
M. Jones
(Editor note: we are working on obtaining a clear & updated picture of the plaque)
My husband Ernest was in C Squadron, 18th Armoured Car Regt prior to World War II. Then changed to 12th Manitoba Dragoons. In 1936 he attended camp at Shilo, riding horseback from Minnedosa to Shilo, which I believe was the last camp for horses, then starting of mechanical transport after the previous years. He continued with the Dragoons, World War II he took training at Camp Borden, Ontario; Camp Dobevt, in ordinance which changed to R.C.E.M.E..
Went overseas in 1941 was with 48th LAD 4th Division served in England and N.W. Europe Campaign. In 1943 I met Ernest while he was stationed at Hunstanton, Norfolk. I was in the Women’s Land Army driving WWII.  We were married January 8, 1944. We celebrated our 6oth Anniversary this year. He was repatriated to Canada in January 1946. Me and our son Keith of 18 months sailed on the ship Aquaintia arriving in Winnipeg May 24, 1946. My husband purchased his grandfathers homestead farm through ULA – 6 miles north of Minnedosa
We spent 20 happy years with our family there, a son and three daughters. After being demobilized in 1946 he rejoined the 12th Manitoba Dragoons. 1949 he took commissioned officers course and qualified as a lieutenant in 1951. Farming was great but money was scarce, however the military offered him a call out in 1954 at Minto Armories as a Storeman, until 1961.
During the summer June to August he spent at Clear Lake and Dundern, Sask training cadets. He was able to take his family to Dundern, which we enjoyed living in four tents and an open kitchenette for cooking. I enjoyed farm life and looked forward to the summer camp. While at Minto Armouries, Ernie received his Rank of Captain an automatic promotion. 1961 he returned to Minnedosa working at Minnedosa Armouries with the militia until their disbandment. I myself served in the militia March 1961 to March 1967.
I am looking for a copy of the XII Manitoba Dragoons. A Tribute 1885-1991. Please let me know if someone has one available.
Ruth Delmage 
We are happy to hear that your received the tapes and that you like them.
A couple of years ago we got them and thought it could be nice that they were showed one time at the legion, and after that you can put them on the X11 Manitoba Dragoon Museum in Brandon. Use them as much as you like. In 1997 we had the pleasure to visit the Museum in Brandon.
The place near Ommen where the tapes were taken is in the area where Bob Major and Jack Rollo fought (with many others) for our liberation 60 years ago. We are still grateful for that.
So we’ll thank your people again.
Herman and Gerda Stegman
Ken Farmer, 1912-2005
Ken Farmer, a 1936 Olympic silver medallist in hockey and a former president of the Canadian Olympic Association, died January 12th. He had been, at age 92, the oldest surviving member of McGill University hockey teams.
Farmer was president of the COA, now known as the Canadian Olympic Committee, from 1953 to 1961. He was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1980 and was inducted into the McGill Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.
Farmer was raised in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Que., where he spent his summers playing tennis and winters playing hockey on Lac St. Louis. He enrolled at McGill in 1930, won the Canadian intercollegiate tennis doubles title in 1932, and was a left-winger on its championship hockey teams for four years while earning a commerce degree.
On Jan. 8, 1934, the five-foot-nine, 144-pound forward nicknamed Le Clou (The Nail) for his ability to keep a puck on his stick, scored five goals and assisted on three in a 12-2 win at Harvard. In all, he had 53 goals and 93 points in 64 games at McGill. 
Farmer went on to play for the Montreal Victorias of the Quebec Senior Hockey League and was put on the negotiation list of the NHL's Montreal Canadians.
At the 1936 Olympics, he was the second-leading scorer with 10 goals and four assists in eight games. He had a five-goal game against Hungary. England, using mainly Canadian-born players, won the gold in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
In the Second World War, Farmer served with the Royal Montreal Regiment and the 12th Manitoba Dragoons Manitoba Dragoons until May of 1945.
Bill Bishop received two letters at the end of last year regarding his campaign to have the Canadian Red Ensign fly at Vimy Ridge and all other Canadian Military monuments.
The following are excerpts from these letters – however Mr. Bishop continues to encourage people to keep sending letters and be heard.
From Veterans Affairs Canada:
Thank you for your letter regarding displaying the Canadian Red Ensign Flag at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial park in France. I am writing on behalf of Jack Stagg, Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada.
It is understandable that Veterans who fought under the Canadian Red Ensign have a deep and lasting attachment to that flag. To that end, I would like to confirm that Veterans Affairs Canada is arranging to have the Red Ensign flag displayed at the Visitor’s Centre at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France. This arrangement will be in place in the near future.
Rest assured that the Department, and indeed the Government of Canada, appreciates and recognizes the contributions of all Veterans and will continue to do its best to keep alive the achievements and sacrifices made by those who served Canada 
Sincerely, Robert Mercer 
From the Royal Canadian Legion:
The Royal Canadian Legion recognizes that thousands of our veterans fought and died under the shadow of the Red Ensign, and as such, it is prepared to consider a proposal to incorporate it into the “Legion Colours”. This is meant to provide for a visible link between our past and our future, and between the veterans of old and our veterans of today. 
Once again, thank you for your efforts in mobilizing support for the Ensign. I will advise you of the Legion’s decision concerning its inclusion in our “Colours” at the end of February. 
Duane Daly
Dominion Secretary

George Hoffman’s Memories

This Chapter is entitled OBOE
Continued from November 2004
Go to the Staghound Diaries Section at:

26 Field Regiment RCA/XII Manitoba Dragoon Museum
During the last 6 months we have received several requests for information on the Dragoons and their liberation of towns in Belgium, and Holland.  In some cases we could help out a little and in others we were unable to give much information.
The big push now is for information on Hoogenveen which was liberated by D Sqn on 11 April 45 and they are anxious to have some Dragoons attend and we have just received word that they will give 400 Euros to each of the first 5 veterans to notify them. So far we have not been able to find anyone going. (see Offer From City of Hoogeveen)
We have a new project we are working on at the Museum.  We are trying to put together a full Nominal Roll of all the Dragoons that served with the Regiment.  We have all the names entered that were published in the Regimental History that was published in Holland, but these are only those still in the Regiment when the war was finished.  We still have the Part 2 orders to go through but they only give the Number Rank and name.  The information we are looking for on all members is the Number, Rank, Name and Initials, Awards and the Address of Next of Kin at that time.  We are making good progress but would appreciate any assistance and information we can get
If we can be of assistance in any information you may like please drop us a line by email or regular mail at
XII Manitoba Dragoons
1116 Victoria Avenue Brandon, MB, R7B 2N4
Gord Sim, Secretary

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